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How To Get a Visa on Arrival in Kuwait

Kuwait is a beautiful country in the Middle East. In recent years, Kuwait tourism has been on the rise and there seems to be no stopping to the growth any time soon. If you too are intrigued by the things you hear about Kuwait and want to give the country a visit, check out these ways of getting a visa on arrival in Kuwait.

How to apply

a) Can I apply online or get an eVisa in advance?

Yes, you can apply online for an eVisa for Kuwait. To apply now, click here.


b) How long does it take to get the visa after reaching Kuwait?

You can expect to get the visa on arrival within an hour of landing in Kuwait.
kuwait visiting visa


Which are the eligible countries for visa on arrival in Kuwait?

European Union All European Union citizens canada Laos San Marino Ukraine
Andorra Eswatini Liechtenstein Serbia United States
Australia Georgia Malaysia Singapore Vatican City
Bhutan Hong Kong Monaco South Korea Vietnam
Brunei Iceland New Zealand Switzerland  
Cambodia Japan Norway Turkey  


How long is the Visa valid for?

The visa on arrival for Kuwait is valid for 3 months.


How much do I pay for getting the visa?

Tourist visa -
$10 USD

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