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How To Get a Visa On Arrival in Qatar

Qatar is credited for being the most open country in the Middle East. It is one of the most visited countries in the world for work and leisure. Getting a visa on arrival for Qatar is a simple process when you know all the important details for the application.

How to apply

a) Can I apply online or get an eVisa in advance?

If your country is one of the eligible countries for visa on arrival in Qatar, you can get a single-entry eVisa in advance. Applying for a visa is easy and can be done online through Hukoomi or the Ministry of Interior.

b) How long does it take to get the visa after reaching Qatar?

On average, in Qatar, it takes 60-120 minutes to get a visa when you land in Qatar. The airport authority in Qatar is extremely courteous to tourists. You will have no issues getting your visa after reaching Qatar. However, you have to make sure that you carry all the necessary documents to show at the airport.

Qatar Visa On Arrival

Which are the eligible countries for visa on arrival in Qatar?

Following are the countries which are eligible for a visa for Qatar:

  • India¬†
  • Iran
  • Macau
  • Pakistan
  • Taiwan

How long is the visa applicable for?

The visa is applicable for 30 days from the day of arrival in Qatar.

How much do I pay for getting the visa?

Tourist Visa – QAR 100

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